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Navaja Santolio stag
Manufacturer: Dionisio Zapatero
Part Number: SOST 3451

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Newly-designed product!

Reduced thickness of the handle - now lighter! New stylish ring knob! 

Handcrafted high quality replica of famous spanish/french Chatellerault navaja by DIONISIO ZAPATERO.
One of the most beautiful and stylish fighting/dueling knives of the past!
This type of knives was produced in the second half of 19th century in Chatellerault (France), mainly for the Spanish market. The knife is equipped with a cross-piece -so-called "guard." Guard served to protect the hand in fights and self-defense, and did not allow a wet hand to slide onto the blade on the hunt. The handle is made in a typical for Thiers and Chatellerault shape of the tail of a rattlesnake, and the handle butt simulates a rattle. Bolster also styled as the head of a rattlesnake, though some French researches believe that it is the French royal lily, and thus Thiers artisans gently and wittily pointed out the origin of the knife. This type of knives in the French weaponology called: "la queue de crotale" - rattlesnake tail. Spanish brigands called it "santolio" or "santo oleo". These knives have been particularly popular among the Spanish "bandoleros" - robbers and knife-figthers.

Blade - 440C stainless steel. Polished to mirror.
Handle - solid brass, genuine stag. Also avialable with bone, black micarta, or buffalo horn.

Blade length - 6,7" (170mm)
Blade width - 1,3" (32mm)
Full opened - 14,4" (365mm)

Locking system - «cierre de ventana», traditional Spanish locking finger with pull ring. No blade play nor backlash. Solid, rigid and reliable construction,

Antique style DIONISIO ZAPATERO black genuine leather roll case is included.

Buy with confidence! 


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