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                              Dear fans of knives, history and martial arts - we welcome you in our store! 



                                                 DIONISIO ZAPATERO® - is oficially registered EU trademark

       Artisan workshop DIONISIO ZAPATERO specializes in making exclusive handcrafted copies of famous fighting, dueling, hunting and "gentlemen's"  knives of XVI - XIX centuries. Originals, which we use as samples are kept in museums and private collections. In our store you will find deadly navajas of Spanish robbers, dueling knives of the Rome, Naples and Calabria, fighting razors from Sicilia, notorious bowie knives of the Wild West, and many other famous knives and daggers of the past.   

      All our products are  hand-made by traditional technologies. Knives and razors are crafted with huge attention to details and made form high quality materials. In the manufacture of the knives and razors handles we use bone, white and black horn, solid brass and nickel alloy.To ensure that our knives are not turned into decorative accessories, and as a small concession to progress, as the material for the blades we don`t use  traditional carbon steel, but stainless steel 440C.

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