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Cross draw navaja sheath
Manufacturer: Dionisio Zapatero
Part Number: CDS 2018

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Stylish cross draw belt sheath for navajas DIONISIO ZAPATERO.

Pancake style - hand-molded

For wearing on the waist belt behind the back or on the thigh on the right or left side

Versions for both right-handed and left-handed users are available 

100% handmade. The sheath is sewn by hand with a waxed thread.

You can choose from five colors of sheath:

1. Black 2. Natural leather color (cream) 3. Tan 4. Brown 5. Vintage style - antique look

You can choose three colors of a waxed thread:

1. Black 2. White 3. Red

You can choose three types of sheaths for the three DIONISIO ZAPATERO models

1. For "Baratero" 2. For "Matador" 3. For "Santolio Nuevo"

ATTENTION: The manufacturing time of the sheath  is 3-5 working days

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