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Dear fans of  historical custom knives - we welcome you in our store!

We are a small family knifemakers' workshop, opened in 2013 and based in Riga (Latvia). DIONISIO ZAPATERO workshop is owned and operated by the knifemaker, writer, HEMA fencer and weapons and martial arts historian, Denis Cherevichnik - the author of two scientific peer-reviewed monographs and dozens of articles on the history of European fighting knives, and Spanish dueling culture:

From 2014 we make museum quality handmade replicas of the famous historical fighting, dueling, hunting and gentleman's knives of the 1600s – 1800s. Our work is a tribute to the history of the great European cutleries - Albacete, Toledo, Thiers, Chatellerault, Sheffield, Solinden, etc. Spanish navajas, Italian stilettos and Sicilian razors, French “apaches of Paris” knives, and many more. All our knives are 100% handcrafted, according to the traditional technology. But, unlike the masters of the past, we also use more modern materials: stainless steel, sometimes micarta, etc.

As a prototypes for our knives we mostly use real historical specimens from museums and private collections.

In spite of the fact that we`ve started producing knives not long ago, our knives can already be seen in collections around the world. We are particularly proud of high value of our traditional navajas given by Spanish knives collectors.

DIONISIO ZAPATERO © is officially registered EU trademark

For any requests or questions please, don`t hesitate to contact us: INFO@NAVAJA.EU


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