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Dear friends, - welcome to my knives store!

I'm Denis Cherevichnik - a Latvian national, who lives between two countries: UK (Sheffield) and Latvia (Riga).
I'm a part-time knifemaker and a cultural historian with a dozen published peer-reviewed scholarly works, including two monographs:

I'm passionate about historical fencing (Spanish style) and I lead the Federation of Traditional European Martial Arts (TEMAF).

Knife making is my favorite hobby. I've always been fond of the intricate mechanics of the 15th to 18th centuries, which is why I particularly enjoy crafting folding knives. My passion lies in Mediterranean-style folding knives from the 18th to 19th centuries: Spanish navajas, Sicilian and Corsican knives, and more.
But I also create folding knives in the traditional style of Sheffield, Solingen, Thiers, and Chatellerault workshops. At times, I come up with my own designs; for instance, I create folding versions of Randall knives with my own constructions, and my own version of the SOG Pentagon. 

I've also developed and patented an original design for so-called "UK legal carry" or "UK friendly" folding knives, specifically created for the British market. As well as for Spain, Germany and other countries with the same strict laws as in UK. Soon i will open a separate store especially for these knives:
I handle every aspect of my knives from start to finish: heat treatment, machining, grinding, and crafting the handles – i`m doing it all myself, in-house.
In my work, I use both traditional carbon tool steels and modern stainless steels, sterling silver (925) stabilized wood, moose antler, occasionally G10, and micarta.

I own two officially registered trademarks for knife production: "DENIS CHEREVICHNIK" and "DIONISIO ZAPATERO". Under the brand "DIONISIO ZAPATERO", I mainly sell knives in Spanish and Italian styles.

You can also visit my 5 star ETSY knives store:

If you have any questions, don`t hesitate to contact me:

Sincerely yours,

Denis Cherevichnik


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